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About Me

I feel blessed to be a witness to the beauty surrounding me-the only way can honor it is to try and capture it through photography. I started photographing my nieces and nephews about 21 years ago and soon after my passion turned into a job.I studied to be a midwife(and was a midwife for a 4 year period) during that time I realized I'd rather be behind the lens than delivering the babies. I was extremely blessed to photograph many births.This sparked my interest in capturing moments.Real,raw,unedited moments.

I now have 11 nieces and nephews and photography is still my passion and still my job.

I am a native Miamian. My other jobs are manager to my husband-Artist Trek6 and mommy to Ishmael.

I am lucky enough to be able to love what I do.

I photograph not for the parents,but for the children-so when they are grown up they might catch a glimpse of their childhood. I like to capture natural moments and I prefer to work with natural light.


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